Anderson Power Products

Krátce o APP

APP byla založená  v roku 1877 jako spoločnost s cilovým trhem – elektrické konektory určené pro hornictví a železnice. Léty si získala punc světového lídra v oblasti výroby konektorů pro vyšší proudové zátěže. 

Powerpole® Stackable Connector

  • Web_PP10 to 350 Amps
  • Wire, PCB, Busbar
  • AC/DC Hotplug

Multipole Connectors: SBS™ SB® SBX® SBE® SBO®

  • WEB-MPRated to 450 Amps
  • Up to 8 Auxiliary Positions
  • AC/DC Hotplug

SB® Smart

  • sb-smartRated to 230 Amps
  • Selective Mating Housings
  • Up to 16 Auxiliary Positions

Euro Battery Connector Series

  • din1A Series for AWG wires and UL approvals
  • E Series for Metric wires and Euro Norm compliance

Power Drawer® Connector

  • pdimage_90cwPower and Signal
  • First Mate / Last Break capability
  • Blindmateable

MARC Connector

  • marc3Blindmateable
  • Sequencing capabilities
  • Mechanically keyed housing

PowerMod® Connector Series

  • pm_fmlyPolarized housings, optional latches
  • Board, In Line Cable, and Right Angle Options
  • Rated to 30 Amps

PowerMod HP® Single or Multipole Connector

  • pmodhpIntegral Latches and Keying
  • In Line Cable, Panel, and Blind Mate Options
  • Rated to 450 Amps

Power Clip® Connector

  • PowerClip300 Amps
  • Mates with .125" or 3mm flat bus bar
  • Hot Plug at 48 volts DC

Powerpole® Pak Connector

  • ppakfmly3Durable Shell for Powerpole 15/45 Connectors
  • Panel Mount, Latching, Strain Relief
  • Pre-Wired 4 Position T Connector

Saf-D-Grid® 600V DC Receptacle & Power Cord

  • sdg1Touch Safe
  • Fits IEC230 C14 Inlet
  • DC Arc Containment

SPEC Pak® Sealed Connector

  • SPAK032513(1)Environmentally Sealed (IP68)
  • 15 to 310 Amps
  • Power, Signal & Ground